On the island, social and technological distractions were minimized, allowing the residents to keep an open and clear mind as they experienced the island. Without nagging distractions, we were able to explore and capture all that the island had to offer. 

Often times I found myself watching the water as the waves would smash into the rocky shoreline. The way the rock diverted the water in every direction really held my attention, for every wave was different. 

Spoon carving was a delicate process from the very beginning. The only rule to follow when carving a spoon from a piece of Birch is that you must carve the spoon that the woods wants to be, rather than the spoon you want. Paying close attention to the grain structure of the wood, the knots, and all of the imperfections, a spoon begins to take form by the use of hatchets and pocket knives. 

Some would work tirelessly toward a near perfect end result. Dave payed great attention to every little detail in his spoon and had no intention of rushing the process. Working through the growing blisters on his fingers, Dave had no intention of taking a break until his spoon was polished and had some blood soaked into its fibers. 

Surrounded by inspiration, there was no shortage of ideas and subjects to capture, whether it was done by pen and paper, watercolors, or cameras. Everyone was encouraged to document their surroundings in any manner they would like. 

Looking closely, tiny analogies were brought to life. This little spider was repelling his way down to the rocks below as the sun was setting. Every little motion and happenstance around us can be analyzed to directly relate to all that surrounds us everyday. 

The vertical reaching stems of the cushion mosses resembled small communities standing together in the dwindling sunlight.