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Christian Raguse Photography



Although not essential to the living processes occurring on the island, a tight-knit community was essential to learning about the natural sciences around us. Without a hint of judgement in the crowd, everyone was free to be themselves without any worry of disconnection. 

Soon after leaving shore from the mainland, I got to know Andrew for the first time as he taught me how to setup a downrigger on the back of the boat. With a little bit of patience, we each managed to pull up a Coho Salmon from about a hundred and thirty feet below the surface.

Stoic, we stand together.

After a short introduction to the filleting process by Andrew, we took turns filleting the fish, beginning with the removal of the scales and head. 

From catching the salmon, to filleting the fish, all the way through meal prep, never was one person working alone. 

After a fresh Coho Salmon lunch, the group came alive in the sun. The water was swam in, hair was braided, pictures painted and photos taken.

Andrew 6x7.jpg

 An impromptu free diving mission on the Boston Whaler on Saturday afternoon inevitably turned into a Jimmy Buffet sing-along and dance party. 

The open water calls for everyone to be nothing short of themselves. 


Some were excited to dive down thirty or more feet in the lake, and others were equally as excited to be out in the open water on their own.


These people, in this place, were able to create such a strong and uplifting community -- Different from what we often get far too comfortable with on a day to day basis.

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