Episode 2: Montana to Oregon

Day after day, I'd wake up feeling dirtier than the night before. Despite my diminishing food supply and questionable hygiene, I kept my mind on the task at hand. For me, this was not an adventure of gift shops and fine dining. This is an adventure of stripping down to the bare bones and exploring limits we are so often blind to in a world moving at 100 megabytes a second. This is an exploration of what can be accomplished when we let go of the things holding us back and take a leap out into the unknown.


In Episode 2, I spend a day enjoying as much of Bozeman I can, hiking up to the Bridger Ridge and skiing Bridger Bowl. After a night in a hotel parking lot, I was reunited with my friends Ray, Carl, Laura and Aaron before we pressed on to Seattle. In just a few days in Washington, we made it out to the coast to play in the waves and got to see much of the city around us. All thanks to Mitch and Lauren. With eyes on the prize, the five of us made our way down the Washington and Oregon coast, through Portland and landed at a service-free campsite at the base of Mount Hood. Eager to reconnect with those I met last summer and those I have grown closer to in Utah, I picked up my Timberline spring pass. The next two weeks will consist of soaking up the sun on the mountain all afternoon, followed up by some good company circled around a fire in the forest. Today marks my 11th day without a real shower, and for that I am thankful :) Keep the good times rolling!